The purse or handbag as it is sometimes referred to is a small bag that is normally used as an accessory by women. These purses or bags are used to hold items such as wallets, keys, tissues, cell phones, makeup, keys, and other items that women just can’t be without.

Available in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, the purse has become a must have accessory for all women. In addition to this purses have also become a fashion accessory with many designer labels now producing their own range of purses. These include Gucci and Louis Vuitton, to name but a fewpexels-photo-63778

The purse can come is a wide range of materials and fabric including leather, animal fur, animal skin such as crocodile is also very popular, silk, and cotton. Small to medium sized purses with short handles that are designed only to be carried are referred to as clutch purses and these are very popular for night time use.

A coin purse is one that is just big enough to hold money and cards and this can be stored in larger purses. Whilst purses are normally only carried by women, there is an alternative for men, and this is the backpack. Many men and women carry these backpacks and they have become very popular in today’s modern society.

For many women one purse is not enough and for many purses has become one of their many accessories. Different purses for different outfits and occasions are now very common and there are many women who may have up to ten or more purses in their possession.images-4

Whether it’s a designer label purse or one from the local high streets you can be sure that in today’s fashion conscious world, every woman will own at least two or three purses and will always be on the lookout for the latest model to add to her collection.